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Champassak province of Laos accelerates improvement of tourism sites

(KPL) Champassak province is accelerating the improvement of tourism sites to deal with the increments of tourists averaged by 45 per cent increase.
Last year, the trend of tourists and the tourism sites increased considerably leading to hundred thousands of tourists visited Champassak, said Mr Khamphol Nouasengsy, Head of Provincial Tourism Service, last week.

He continued that over the past one year, the tourism saw it grew rapidly, particularly Champassak province. The number of tourists visited Champassak province exceeded the plan with a total number of 165,750 tourists, of whom 45,605 foreigners.

This is due to the province is abundant with nature and the potential of natural resource, archeological and historical sites where attracted tourists currently.
Now entire the province has a total tourism sites of 206, of which 109 natural sites, 57 cultural sites and historical sites.

Over 20 tourism companies are providing the service for tourists, of which nine main companies, 11 branches and one agent.

Source: kpl

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