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Full details for the 2nd Elephant Festivals in Laos 2008.

(KPL) As everybody know that the 2nd Elephant Festivals will take place in Paklay district, Sayaboury province between 15 and 17 February with more activities to impress visitors.
Paklay district is always famed for elephants. The skilled training and handling capabilities of local mahouts have made Paklay the focal point of Lao elephant lore. In Paklay, elephants are sacred. They have been man’s best friend since time immemorial.
Traditionally used for work in the forest, these magnificent animals are now looking forward to meeting visitors at this second elephant festival, giving them the chance to discover the riches and marvels of the cultural and natural world surrounding them. Who could pretend to have visited Laos, the “Land of a Million Elephants”, without meeting one of these superb animals? So, come and meet the elephants and their masters at the Elephant Festival.

Friday 15 February 2008
Opening Ceremony. Elephant Procession. Elephant Bath. Mahoutship Demonstration. Lectures. Live Art performances. Tug-of-War Contest. Vientiane Circus show. Showing of "Caravan Xang" Film on giant screen. Traditional dances, concert, fun fair and Night market.

Saturday 16 February 2008
Paklay Traditions Procession (Rockets, boats, traditional masks). "Female Elephant of the Year" procession. Elephant Bath. Mahoutship Demonstration. Boat race and rocket festival. Vientiane Circus show. Showing of "Chang" film on giant screen. Traditional dances, concert, fun Fair and Night market.

Sunday 17 February 2008
Male "Elephants of the Year" Procession. Monks blessing. Elephant Baci ceremony. Young elephant taming ceremony. Outdoors Elephant Museum . Elephant race. Contemporary Art exhibition. Drawing contest. Traditional fireworks. Show & Concert. Fun Fair.

How to get to Paklay?

From Vientiane (about 6 hours)

By road : Take the Luang Prabang road (13N) up to Hin Heup (100km). Turn left in the direction of Muang Feuang and follow the road down to Sanakham. In Sanakham continue up to Paklay and cross the Mekong (ferry boat).


By boat (recommended): Regulars line up to Paklay and down to Vientiane (departing in the morning).
FULL DAY cruise.
From Luang Prabang (about a day)

By road : Drive down to Xieng Ngeun and take the direction of Sayabouri. In Sayabouri drive down south to Paklay (152 km).



Enter Laos through the international border check point of Tha-Li / Kenthao in Loei province. Drive to Paklay (57 km).

NOTE: You need a valid entry VISA to Laos if you plan to enter from this check point.

Access to the festival is free to the public.

Visitors to the Elephant Festival are welcome either on group tours or as individual travellers. You can book your stay through travel agent or come by your own means.

Accommodation is available in Paklay, though in limited numbers. A home stay programme has also been set up with villagers in Paklay. Rooms will be available for rent at a unique price throughout the festival. Rooms within the Home Stay program are equipped with a double bed, mosquito net and clean sheets.

For travellers who prefer camping, land will be available to install tents near the festival's site (tents and camping equipment are not provided).

The conditions can be somewhat rudimentary. Travellers are expected to be open-minded and looking for an authentic experience in the heart of Laotian culture. Participants must be aware that there are limited numbers of western-style toilets and washing facilities. Sleeping is on a bamboo floor or local wooden beds, dormitory style, in traditional houses.

In February, be aware that temperatures can drop at nights. A fleece and long pants are useful items. Food will be local and available at the numerous food stalls.

What to Bring Along?

Light clothing made from natural fibres is the best clothing for Laos.

Malaria and Dengue fever are a problem in Laos. However, with caution, they can easily be avoided.

Sleep with a mosquito net
Wear long sleeves and trousers around dusk
Use plenty of strong insect repellant - some brands can be applied directly on clothing

The unit of currency in Laos is the Kip. Currency may not be changed during the festival.

We suggest you keep a ready supply of KIP notes or smaller US dollar bills. If you have arrived from Thailand , you may bring Thai Baht too. Credit cards cannot be used in Paklay.

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