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Laos is "musts" for backpackers 2008 !!!

Once again, the famous Age's travel blog has listed Laos as a must-to-visit for all backpackers. Here are what they say about Laos and Columnbia !

Photo: rice field in Laos

Holidays for people taking gap years are not complete without a trip to Colombia and Laos, it has been reported.

According to The Age's travel blog, Colombia is "cheap" and has beautiful beaches as well as great culture.

Additionally, it reports that Colombia contains Popayan, the world's only UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

"You can't throw a rock in South America without hitting some hippy tourist who'll talk for hours about the 'awesome' time they had in Colombia. Take me there," the travel blog author enthuses.

Another top backpacker destination is listed as being Laos.

The blog writer asks how it is possible to call himself a backpacker without having travelled to the destination.

Laos is bordered by Burma and China and boasts two World Heritage Sites which are Luang Prabang and Wat Phou.

Source: Age's travel blog

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