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Laos to develop road to Nongfa, a well-known tourist in Attapeu

The authorities of Attapeu province are developing the road to the Nongfa (blue pond) area, which is one of the more well-known tourist attractions in the province.

An official from the Provincial Tourism Office, Mr Khamphanh Boun-nhavongsy, said last Friday that the road to Nongfa is a priority in upgrading the living standards of people in rural areas, particularly in Sanxay district.

“Work on the road started a few months ago and is scheduled for completion before the rainy season begins this year,” he said.

Sanxay is an impoverished mountainous district in this southern province and borders Ngoc Hoi district in Kon Tum province, Vietnam . The condition of the roads generally in this district is poor, and transportation is difficult in the rainy season.

The upgrading will cover a 70km long stretch of muddy track that is part of Road No 18B. Sanxay district lies at the Km100 point on this road and is about 170 km from the main provincial town.

Mr Khamphanh said the rebuilding of the road from Vangtard village to Nongfa is part of a programme of comprehensive road development and will link the three villages of Vangtard-noi, Vangtard-kang and Vangtard-nhai.

He said the provincial tourism office expects that the number of local and foreign visitors to Attapeu will increase when the road network is properly established.

“Tourism in Attapeu has not really taken off. We don't advertise a lot, but there are many places here of historical and natural interest, such as Vat That in Xaysettha district and Nongfa in Sanxay district.”

He pointed out that most potential tourist sites don't have adequate road access yet. “There are many difficulties in getting around the province, which we are working on, particularly roads to tourist sites and remote areas.

Attapeu province is more than 800 km by road from Vientiane , and lies on the 1,000-km Laos-Vietnam border. The road from Vientiane to the province is newly built and in good condition.

Source: Vientianetimes

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