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The main reasons why you should visit Laos

Laos, the jewel of Indochina, is a popular tourist destination because of its tropical climate, its spectacular beauty, and its friendly people. When you plan your next vacation, you should definitely place Laos on your short list of places to visit.

Laos - Land of Vibrant Vegetation

Laos shares its borders with China, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Mountains and plateaus cover three-quarters of the land, and its scenic beauty makes tourism in Laos an important industry. Laos boasts vast areas of untouched tropical rain forest, making it an ideal destination for travelers who love wildlife and the outdoors. Many Laos tourism attractions give tourists a chance to interact with the unique Lao landscape and its inhabitants.

Although Laos is completely landlocked, the region offers plenty of recreational water attractions, thanks to the many streams and rivers that form a network of waterways across the land. It is estimated that Lao bodies of water provide 60% of all the water that enters the Mekong River system.

Wildlife In Laos

If you visit Laos, be sure to take a Mekong River tour, where you can see all three layers of the rainforest up close and observe the diverse plants and animals that call this country home. During the dry season in April and May, water levels are low and some river excursions are impossible to operate, so tourism in Laos is most popular between November and March.

The rainforests of Laos are home to an amazing variety of animals, and one reason tourism in Laos is so popular is because Laos is one of the last places left on earth to photograph wildlife in its natural habitat. Indigenous animals like leopards, mongoose, goats, monkeys and bears may be too shy to show themselves to visitors on a river excursion, the colorful birds of Laos will happily pose for some of the best wildlife pictures you’ll ever take. If you’re using a digital camera, be sure to bring plenty of backup batteries and memory cards on your trip, and never leave your hotel room without your camera.

The Lao People

Laos has a population of about 6 million people, and the friendly people are one reason that tourism in Laos is so popular. You will find the Lao people to be very open and amiable. They place a high value on respect and courtesy for others. As long as you are respectful and courteous in return, you will find the people very pleasant indeed.

The official language of the country is Lao, although in Laos, where tourism is prevalent, many natives also speak Vietnamese, French, and English.


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