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You can now fly from Malaysia to Laos by Air asia !

(KPL) AirAsia launched an inauguration of new direct flight from Vientiane-Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur-Vientiane last Thursday in Vientiane.

The new flight was announced at a concert took place in Vientiane, where was crowded by Vientiane residents saw a recent popular singers from Indee Record.

The multi-award winning AirAsia has carried over 40 million passengers to date, grown from a 2-aircraft fleet to 62 today and now. The final ASEAN country has given the airline the approval to enter the city as part of the airline’s extensive route network-all within the grasp of six years in operation.

The airline is set to commence its inaugural flight into the capital of Laos on 1 December 2007, which started with three direct flights per week to Vientiane from low cost carrier Terminal, Kuala Lumpur using its Airbus aircraft.

Situated on the Mekong River, Vientiane is an unassuming city reachable within two hours and 35 minutes flight from Kuala Lumpur. Laos has a tropical climate with temperatures from May to October, Laos records higher raindrops than the rest of the year while enjoy the cool season from November to February.

For travelers who has been there, one of the best things they say to do once they have made their rounds around the temples and shopping in the local markets for silk, and enjoy the sunset over the Mekong river.

One of the famous landmarks of Vientiane is Pha That Luang, a must-see all historical enthusiasts which was constructed in 1566. Aside from the trials of temples, Vientiane has much to offer for the adventurous travelers. Within one to two hours from the city, one can indulge in a range of thrill-seeking activities such as kayaking, wild-water rafting, trekking through nature parks and many others.
Other city to visit while in Vientiane is Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage City situated in northern central of Laos. There are many notable sites to explore in this city including the Kuang Si waterfall, located south of Lung Prabang.

Setting aside a half-day or even one whole day for the waterfall is recommended to soak into this nature’s cascading wonder. One can also take a boat ride northwest of the city to visit the Buddha caves and whisky village, where one can see how a local Lao wine spirits are made.

AirAsia is the first low cost carrier established in Malaysia that has rapidly established itself as the leading and largest low cost carrier in Asia. The airline offers a simple “no frills” service at fares that are on overage significantly lower than those offered by tradition full-service airlines. Modeled after the successful low fare airlines such as the US-based Southwest Airlines and Dublin-based Ryanair.

The Regional Head of Commercial, AirAsia Kathleen Tan said, “There is a talent demand for this route to be established from the first day we started the airline, and now to see us launching direct flights to Vientiane is like a missing jigsaw puzzle to be fitted into the AirAsia chapter. We are now a truly ASEAN airline, covering all the 10 countries serving over 80 routes within the region.”

“We strongly believe that our amazing low fares will help stimulate travel in Laos and its surrounding areas especially tapping the backpacking travelers looking for an adventurous trail through Indochina and Thailand. We are also very happy to be able to serve the Malaysians working in Laos who have been very excited with our announcement. We trust our entry into Laos will further strengthen our position as the preferred airline of the region in enabling more people to fly,” added Kathlen.

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