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At least 2,000 jars still bury under earth in Xiengkhuang, Laos

(KPL) Laos and UNESCO survey team has continued their efforts to seek new jars in Xiengkhouang province, because of they believed that some of jars are buried under earth.

According to a news source from local authority of Xiengkhouang province disclosed that officials concerned were ready to discover in five districts, at the moment there is only one district (Nonghaed district) that team was exploring more jars. Due to this area was suspected that there are still many jars in Nonghaed district along common border of Laos and Vietnam.

Local authority explained that almost all districts had been already explored the jars for years it is possible that Laos and UNESCO team will re-conduct new discovery of the jars because they thought that it has not enough cleared as some of jars might be still buried deeply and scattered through out the province.

Photo: The largest jar

Now the total number of enigmatic jars has been discovered about 1,900 jars in seven villages across the province, but it was expected that there might have more than 2,000 jars.

The Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang Province, Laos, is one of the most enigmatic sights in the world that many tourists want to visit this ancient jar site; meanwhile local authority has made hopefulness how to earn money from tourism business as much as possible.

The Lao government was working to clear the UXO off the plains, to make it possible for visitors to explore and appreciate the jars without fear on landmines. This is in cooperation with UNESCO, the National Tourist Administration of Lao PDR and the Ministry of Information and Culture.

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