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Visit Phongsali province, Laos

Phongsali is located in the most northern tip of Laos, enclosed three sides by China and Vietnam and cut off to overland travel from Oudomxay to the South. It consists of six districts: Phongsali, Muangmai, Muangkhua, Samphan, Sombounxay and YotOu.

More than twenty ethnicities make up the province's population of approximately 153,400, among them Iko, Loma, Akha, Pusang, Tai Dam, Tai Deng, Yao, Tai Lu, Khamou, Phai, Solo; La Hoy etc. All retain distict cultures, languages and religious beliefs, though their most obvious difference is their dress of the women of each tribe. Handicraft skill-notably in weaving, embroidery and making silver jewelry are also well developed.

Phou Fa stupa in Phongsali

Temple in Phongsali

Phongsaly can be reached by road and river, from Oudomxay it is possible to travel by road as far as Muangkhua in Southern Phongsaly the continue from Muangkhua by road. From Luang Phrabang it is possible to through the Nam Ou river straight north into the hearth of Phongsaly. Another way, you can reach by Lao Aviation which provides two flights per week.

Chinese style house in Phongsali

Aka tribe in Phongsali

sea of cloud on the top of Phongsali province

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