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Where to enjoy Lao New Year in Vientiane ? Find out here

Vientiane residents to enjoy Lao New Year on islands

Photo: Sunset at Don Chan

Don Chan and Nongda islands will be two main areas of Vientiane where residents can enjoy Lao New Year celebrations, according to Vientiane Police Headquarters Chief Colonel Sihoun Sithiluexay.

Colonel Sihoun said sport, water games and entertainment would be provided at the two sites during the traditional water festival.

“Today, Don Chan island is opening for sporting activities,” he said.

“We hope all Vientiane residents and foreign visitors will enjoy our traditional festival from April 13 to 15. Meanwhile, we also hope they will play safely and in a socially acceptable way by following our regulations and suggestions.”

He said his police would work with soldiers and local authorities in the three districts of Chanthabouly, Sikhottabong and Sisattanak in order to follow the regulations.

“Officials and local authorities are not the only ones who need to work during Pi Mai Lao, local people also have to be alert to security by keeping their eyes open for theft, fire or accidents,” he stressed.

Colonel Sihoun said the other districts in Vientiane would have their own taskforces to address security and to allow local people to enjoy the traditional customs of Laos at their local places of ce lebration.

Colonel Sihoun said his taskforce would encourage all staff to work hard to educate the public about following the Pi Mai Lao regulations issued by the Vientiane Administration Office.

The regulations ban carrying tanks of water on vehicles, throwing coloured or dirty water and plastic bags filled with water, and pouring water over motorbike riders, he added

“We mostly worry about road accidents because they increase considerably during the three days of celebration, compared to a normal week,” he said.

“There are usually about 50 accidents reported each week, but this same number usually occurs during the three days of the festival.”

Because accidents are a major problem every Pi Mai Lao, traffic police will be extra vigilant about stopping drunk drivers and preventing motorbike racing.

Last year the Vientiane traffic police reported 45 road accidents during the festival, including two fatalities.

From January to March this year there have already been almost 600 road accidents in Vientiane , claiming the lives of 20 people, Vientiane Traffic Police and Fire Fighting Division Chief Lieutenant Colonel Khamphew Vatthanaphone said earlier this month.

By Panyasith Thammavongsa
Source: vientianetimes

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