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Laos to host 2009 World Ecotourism and Exhibition Conference

(KPL) Laos would be hosting the 2009 World Ecotourism and Exhibition Conference, to be held at Donchan Palace Hotel in Vientiane Capital from 14 to 18 July.

Deputy President of National Tourism Organisation, Mr. Soukasene Phothisane said that during this conference it would also be exhibiting local handicraft products.
Speaking at a press conference on 11 May, Mr Soukasueam also said that this conference is being organised in cooperation with Associations of Hotels, Guesthouse and Restaurants of Laos and added that the conference sponsor is Discovery MICE of Malaysia.

The aims of this conference, he told the journalists, are to share views on ecotourism development and conservation of the environment by means of sustainable participation of local people.

The other topics on the discussion agenda are climate change, natural deterioration of the environment and the impact of tourism, said Mr Soukasueam.
He stressed that Laos can benefit as the host of the conference as it is well placed to advertise its tourist sites to the conference participants and another related implication is that it would enhance the reputation of Laos vis-a-vis the international community.

Local businesses and tourist companies would be setting up 100 booths in this hotel when the conference is in session.

For more information about the conference, visit:

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