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Zip-line adventure awaits for you in Laos

A tourist hangs off a zip-line for a bird's eye view of the jungle. --Photo Laophoto

It may not be quite like Tarzan but swinging between the trees on a zip-line is now a new adventure for visitors to the Nam Lik Jungle Fly.

This activity has been set up in Senxoum village, Phonhong district, Vientiane province, and is about 70km north of Vientiane .

Open for the last few weeks before its official launch, the new adventure site has given visitors the thrilling experience of swinging through the treetops while securely attached to a long guide wire.

Owner of Nam Lik Jungle Fly and Chief Executive Officer of Green Discovery, Mr Inthy Deuansavanh, said yesterday “Our zip-line adventure stretches over a total length of 2km, with the zip-line section itself about 860 metres long and some enjoyable walks through lush green forest in between. We have 23 platforms on the trees at different levels, up to 37 metres high, and the lines are up to 180 metres long with stunning views over the forest.”

The zip-line is situated in 13 hectares of magnificent jungle and river scenery. At this stage most of the adventurers are brought in by companies and tour groups who also arrange kayaking, trekking and camping activities.

“We don't just run the business for profit - we also want to preserve the area's forest and biodiversity because this part of Senxoum village used to be exposed to illegal logging,” Mr Inthy said.

The adventure site currently has four main activities - kayaking, trekking, zip-line and camping – with elephant rides expected to be added in the near future. Resort accommodation is also planned and should be ready by the end of this year.

The zip-line took seven months to install, and is an important part of the project's ecotourism objectives.

Managing Director of Green Discovery, Mr Vianney Catteau, said 10 local guides have already been trained by an international specialist in outdoor sports. Local people are also being trained in hospitality skills such as cooking and other services for visitors. The project is helping to protect biodiversity in the area, where educators can also come to do research. The zip-line is not only fun but minimises the impact of visitors on the forest floor, prevents damage to vegetation, and provides access to the forest canopy which would otherwise be difficult for researchers to study.

“We are sure it will be a really exciting venture. And it's all close to Vientiane , on the way to Vangvieng district, just 15 km before Hinheup, so it's easy to reach. Everything has been designed to be environmentally friendly, taking care to minimise harm to the trees and other vegetation,” Mr Vianney said.

Visitors from Vangvieng district can travel south to the site by river, using kayaks that can be hired in Hinheup.

“We want to encourage both Lao and overseas visitors, and will offer reductions to domestic visitors to encourage them to get in touch with nature and help protect our forests,” he said.

T he site can be reached by driving from Vientiane for about 70km to Senxoum district on Road No. 13 north, followed by a right turn and a drive of about 7km to Nam Lik. Vehicles have to be left here before a 20-minute boat ride and a 30-minute trek to reach the camp site and zip-line. Along the zip-line, adventurers can enjoy views of the forest and the Nam Lik riverbank. The cost of a zip-line excursion is just under US$50, and is negotiable. Interested persons or companies who need more information can telephone 85620 6622001 or 85620 6622002.

The zip-line is the third to be constructed in Laos . The first is in Bokeo province and second is at the Tad Sae waterfall in Luang Prabang province.

By Panyasith Thammavongsa

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